Howard Fishlove

We were saddened to hear that Howard Fishlove passed away on Saturday, October 20, 2012. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones. He was a remarkable man. He will be missed.

New article on Collectors focuses on gag boxes!

Check out the new article that was just posted yesterday on gag boxes. This is a real blast from the past. Be sure to check it out!
Oh, and while you’re at it, check out the other articles in about our collection. You can find the entire list of articles and other articles about and by us in the Media section of this website.

Watch us on the History Channel

Hi all. We are happy to announce that we will be appearing on an episode of a new reality show on the History Channel called SOLD! It is an auction format and we will be selling a very interesting item from our collection. The show will air on May 9, 2012 at 8:00 PM Central Time. If you watch the episodes for the next couple of weeks, you will probably see another item from our collection as well — the girlie glasses. We were not present for this sale but I assure you it will be a show worth watching. We don’t have the date of that show but it should be airing very soon.

We had a wonderful time working with the production team from Evident Entertainment and hope to work with them again on a future project. They are a fantastic creative and professional team.

We hope you will take the time to watch the show. It is really fun and engaging and — we’re on it!!!



Hello and welcome to our website. We are Mardi and Stan Timm, novelty historians and we have the largest collection of novelties in the world.

Together we are writing two books; one on Johnson Smith and Company, a novelty catalog company that has been in business in the United States since 1914; and one on H. Fishlove, a great novelty company and a Johnson Smith supplier. They created such well known novelties as Yakity-Yak the talking teeth, Spectaculars the huge sun glasses, and much more.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about these wonderful companies. We intend to have our books completed in ebook format this fall. Watch for these offerings.

Please browse our website and enjoy it. We hope you will have some fun and maybe even learn something.